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Conveying Your Water is Our Business

Lacy Cannon, Civil Engineer

Lacy Cannon has over five years of experience.  Her work includes preparation of site plans and figures in CAD, right-of-way and land acquisition support, pre-writing and formatting reports, and providing technical support for senior staff. Lacy also has two years of experience working in a materials testing lab where she prepared and tested soil and concrete samples in accordance with ASTM standards.
Susan Fox, PE, Civil Engineer

Susan Fox, PE has over seven years of experience in planning, design, and construction support of water resources projects with a focus in pipelines, canals, regulating reservoirs/tanks, pump/booster plants, pump station rehabilitation and improvements, and groundwater banking facilities. Susan's experience includes preparation of design plans and specifications, coordination of design activities, construction support, and the preparation of feasibility studies, design reports, and grant applications.
Robert Rucker, PE, Civil Engineer

Robert Rucker, PE has over seven years of experience working in the civil engineering field, including civil site design, hydraulic analysis, pipeline design, cost estimating, and cost analysis. Additionally, he has six years of experience in a variety of technical fields including: application development, hardware/software troubleshooting, and software testing, utilizing skills in problem evaluation and assessment, problem solving, and client relations.
Susan DeBock, PE, Project Manager and Civil and Structural Engineer

Susan DeBock, PE has over 40 years of experience working in civil design, structural design, and construction support. She has been responsible for all phases of projects, including scope development, cost estimating, specifications, bid analysis, design engineering, and construction. Susan was the Project Manager on the Mid-Valley Pipeline Project for Coachella Valley Water District, and on the Stored Water Recovery Project for Semitropic Water Storage District.
John Dahl, Vice President and Co-Founder of Dahl Consultants

John Dahl, has nearly 30 years of experience in construction management and cost estimating of pipelines, pumping plants, canals, levees, fish screens, spreading basins, and regulating reservoirs. His responsibilities have included reviewing plans and specifications prior to bidding, reviewing contractor bid documents, project coordination with clients and contractors, construction quality assurance, construction cost control and scheduling, and preparing monthly progress payments and reports. He is also responsible for preparing operation and maintenance manuals, record drawings, and final reports of construction. John provided construction management for the Coachella Canal Lining Project and the Stored Water Recovery Project for Semitropic Water Storage District.

Wayne Dahl, PE, President and Co-Founder of Dahl Consultants

Wayne Dahl, PE, PLS has over 30 years of experience in water resources projects, including conveyance and water storage facilities. He has expertise in the design and construction of water distribution systems; hydrology and drainage projects; canals, canal lining, channels, pipelines, and pump stations; reservoir design; and bridges and roadways. He is experienced in all phases of project and program implementation, including planning, design, plans and specifications, costing, bidding, and construction management. Wayne was the Project Manager for the All-American Canal Lining Project and the Coachella Canal Lining Project.

Our Team

Dahl Consultants is comprised of experienced water professionals who are committed to working for our clients on projects requiring a higher level of strategic direction and focus.  Additionally, we have alliances with a select group of consultants with expertise in hydraulics, system operation, environmental, electrical, sediment transport, construction, construction engineering, cost estimating, structural, and strategic planning.

While technical information on our key staff is listed below, you can learn more about our diverse interests here.